Pajama (Party) Pants

So I hope ya’ll like this outfit, because I can promise you that these will be some of my go-to pieces throughout the rest of the season. Pajama dressing has definitely been a big trend this season, but if done incorrectly you can look, well, like your literally wearing your pajamas! I’m pretty obsessed with the entire Drake for J.Crew collection. Read on to hear more about this look!

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White (Way) After Labor Day

After a fun filled weekend in the Hamptons (more of that to come next week), it’s back to the usual grind this week. As you may have noticed, my site got a little upgrade over the weekend! Read all about the changes, and of course my look, below!

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GNO: Girl’s Night Out

Happy hump day! I’m counting down the days until the weekend because I’m headed back to the Hamptons with my girls! I thought today would be the perfect day to share one of my favorite looks for a GNO.

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